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ID Qube NIR Gated

Compact & cost-effective module for synchronous single-photon detection at telecom wavelengths.

  • High-efficiency single-photon detection (up to 35%)
  • Fast gating (up to 100 MHz and free-running)
  • Precise timing (<200 ps jitter, typ. <150 ps)
  • Ultra-low noise (<800 Hz dark counts)

The ID Qube NIR Gated is a fast-gated single photon detector optimized for telecom wavelengths.

The ID Qube delivers precise and reliable single-photon detection, with high quantum efficiency, low timing jitter and low detector noise. It provides a cost-effective solution for applications in which synchronous photon detection is essential, such as quantum communication and Quantum Key Distribution. It is also well suited to applications such as LiDAR where compactness is a key requirement.

The detector offers a gate input designed to avoid saturation or undesired detections and can also be operated in free-running mode.
The cooled InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiode and associated electronics have been designed to achieve especially low dark count and afterpulsing rates, even up to 100 MHz gated operations.

The ID Qube NIR Gated is available in free space or fibre-coupled (MMF 62.5 μm FC/PC) versions.

ID Qube NIR Gated Features

  • Compact, cost-effective and dependable performance
  • Fast gated (up to 100 MHz) and free-running
  • Ultra-low noise (<800 cps at 10%)
  • Low jitter (<200 ps, typically <150 ps)
  • Free space or Fibre-coupled (MMF 62.5 μm FC/PC) optical input
  • Broadband detection (900—1700 nm)

Single-photon counting systems overview

  • QKD and quantum communication
  • Quantum optics and computing
  • Single-photon source characterisation
  • Fluorescence lifetime measurements
  • Failure analysis of integrated circuits
  • VIS, NIR and MIR spectroscopy
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