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Quantum computing will have a profound effect on the global economy and every organisation within it. But why should this matter to you, and what can you do to protect your infrastructure and data in the post-quantum era?

The journey towards Quantum-Safe Security

The Quantum Computing Era

Computing technology stands on the brink of a major milestone in its evolution. As the worlds of academia and business prepare themselves for the dawning of the age of the quantum computer, there is naturally uncertainty as to what lies ahead.

On the bright side, the quantum computer will unleash a qualitatively different computational power. On the dark side, this very power will destroy existing crypto-systems and expose our secret data.

At ID Quantique, we work with organisations of all types to help them plan for the future and become quantum-ready.

More on Quantum Computing

Infographic: The journey to quantum safety

Every journey starts somewhere. Our infographic guides you on how to prepare your organisation for life in the quantum age.

In it, we look at quantum tech’s growth and its role in cybersecurity. We also answer key questions about which sectors are at risk, why you should start preparing today and the benefits of getting ready.

Finally, we outline the six steps to Quantum-Safe Security that every business leader must follow.

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Infographic journey to quantum safety

Executive’s Guide to Quantum Cryptography

Guide: The Executive’s Guide to Quantum Cryptography

Protecting your organisation against cyber threats is key, especially in the age of quantum computing.

In partnership with Hudson Institute, our Executive’s Guide to Quantum Cryptography helps ensure you’re secure in the post-quantum world.

In it, we discuss the risks quantum computers pose to encryption, how soon this threat will become a reality, and what you can do to protect your data and networks.

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Guide: Quantum-Proofing Your Organisation

You may think that starting your journey towards Quantum-Safe Security is a complex, lengthy and costly process. In fact, it’s simpler than you think.

Our guide to quantum-proofing your organisation shows you how to prepare for the post-quantum era by adding a quantum layer to your network.

What’s more, we show you how to do this without changing your whole infrastructure, improving the TCO & ROI of your existing encryption solution.

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quantum-proofing your organisation

integrated solutions journey

Solution: Integrating Quantum-Safe Security with existing encryption solutions

By adding a quantum layer to your existing encryption solution, you safeguard your data against cyber attacks…today and tomorrow.

IDQ Quantum-Safe Security solutions work out-of-the-box with leading network encryption providers & services, making your path to quantum safety simpler than you may think.

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