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Quantum Key Distribution


QKD, also known as quantum cryptography, secures the distribution of symmetric encryption keys by sending photons – quantum particles of light – across an optical link.

In quantum physics observation causes perturbation, making it possible to identify if keys have been intercepted. This guarantees long-term confidentiality and data integrity at a time when the demand on networks, and the threats they face, has never been greater.

QKD Solutions from ID Quantique

Cerberis3 QKD System


A state-of-the-art Quantum Key Distribution platform that can accommodate a wide-range of distribution architectures and topologies.

Provably secure key exchange
Highly stable & resilient to mechanical vibrations
Single core through multiplexing of all channels on single fibre
Interoperability with major Ethernet and OTN encryptors

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Clavis300 Quantum Cryptography Platform


A modular cryptographic system that integrates Quantum Key Distribution & Encryption in point-to-point & key relay configurations.

Provably secure key exchange
Long distance QKD via key relays
Interface with leading OTN encryptors
Modular solution to accommodate network configurations

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Discover more about QKD from IDQ

By implementing a Quantum Key Distribution solution from ID Quantique, you guarantee the trust and integrity of your data in motion against both conventional and quantum attacks.

We have been deploying QKD systems commercially since 2007 and our solutions can now be found in organisations across the globe.

Whether you are looking to deploy QKD exclusively across your network, or integrate it with new or existing encryption solutions, our technology can help.

For further information on QKD, and to speak to our experts, please complete the form and we will be in touch.


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