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도이치텔레콤, 스위스 암호 통신 회사 ID Quantique에 투자

Telekom Innovation Pool (TIP), a strategic investment fund advised by Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners (DTCP), announces the investment in ID Quantique, joining existing investor South Korea Telecom (SK Telecom). This follows signing of the strategic cross-investment agreement between Deutsche Telekom AG and SK Telecom in October 2018.

“Deutsche Telekom is the ideal partner for IDQ – both as an investor to strengthen our European base, and also as a key Go to Market partner for providing innovative quantum-based products and services to their clients”, said Dr. Grégoire Ribordy, CEO and co-founder of IDQ.

“Deutsche Telekom is pleased by the investment in IDQ. We at Deutsche Telekom believe that IDQ’s solutions can play a role in improving network security for our customers”, said Alex Choi, SVP Strategy & Technology Innovation at Deutsche Telekom.

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About DTCP

DTCP is an investment management group with approx. $1.6 billion in assets under management and advisory from Deutsche Telekom and other institutional investors, and a portfolio of over 60 companies. The group provides venture and growth capital, special situation investments and advisory services to the technology, media and telecommunication sectors. It operates and invests in Europe, the US and Israel.

To learn more about DTCP, visit www.telekom-capital.com.


Contact information:

Catherine Simondi – Corporate Communications & PR, ID Quantique
catherine.simondi@idquantique.com or + 41 22 301 83 71


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